Jerod Foster is a Texas-based magazine/editorial, commercial, and natural history photographer. His work can be seen in magazines like Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Highways, The Techsan, and Audubon, and news outlets, such as The New York Times, The Texas Tribune, American Public Media, CNBC, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural north central Texas, Jerod is also drawn to telling stories about human influence on the natural world, which can be seen in his agricultural work, as well as work for clients such as The Nature Conservancy, The Texas Land Conservancy, and Yeti Coolers.

Jerod is also a professor of practice at Texas Tech University, where he teaches a variety of photography and visual storytelling courses, including the popular 15-day Junction Intersession Field Photography course. Jerod earned his doctorate in Mass Communications in 2013. His emphasis on visual and cultural storytelling has resulted in the formation of both professional and academic relationships worldwide.

He is the author of three Peachpit books on photography: Storytellers, A Photographer’s Guide to Developing Themes and Telling Stories with Pictures (2012); From Snapshots to Great Shots: Sony NEX-6 (2013); and his most recent, Color, A Photographer’s Guide to Directing the Eye, Creating Visual Depth, and Conveying Emotion (2013).

Jerod is also a partner with Sylinda Meinzer in Badlands Design and Production, a specialty book design and publishing firm and high-definition video production entity. The most current project he is working on with Badlands includes a conservation video effort in the Carmen mountain range in Coahuila, Mexico. Badlands recently published Inspiration, Texas Style, as well as The Spirit of Wyoming, books comprised of photographs created by long-time mentor and friend, Wyman Meinzer, State Photographer of Texas.

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